Mentorships by AJ Photography

Helping passionate photographers reach their goals.

  • Get comfortable with your manual camera settings if you're not already.
  • 10 minutes of headshots taken by me (you can have the RAWs to edit, so they match your feed)
  • come to a couple's shoot with me to learn posing and client interaction
  • get coffee and talk about editing
  • talking about running a business
  • Q & A
  • get my location guide and posing guide and a discount on my wedding guide templates
  • gain a lifelong friend


Only currently offering in person mentorships.

"When I reached out to AJ, she was quick to respond and answered all my questions with kindness. She continued to let me ask questions and gave me so many helpful tips and tricks that I still use today. In that short amount of time, I learned so much from her and felt like she truly wanted to help me in any way she could. I do not think I would be the photographer I am today without her insight. I highly recommend mentoring with AJ if you are serious about continuing a career in the photography field!"